Redoubt Volcano, which was quiet for a quarter-century until a series of eruptions between December 1989 and April 1990, has been reclassified as dormant.

Measurements of seismicity and gas emissions over the last six months led to the reclassification of the 10,197-foot Redoubt, the Alaska Volcano Observatory said Friday."By downclassing Redoubt, we are saying that we don't see anything that indicates that there will be renewed eruptive activity in the near future," said geologist Robert McGimesy.

Redoubt's lava dome is still hot and will continue to give off steam for the next several years, "but this is unrelated to activity further down in the volcano," he said.

The last eruption from Redoubt, on the western side of Cook Inlet about 115 miles southwest of Anchorage, occurred a year ago Sunday.