A 16-year-old boy who authorities say stole a city trolley car didn't get any complaints from riders.

Police said he picked up and discharged passengers during Friday morning's rush hour, and his stunt was not discovered until it ended with a bang more than two hours later.The trolley collided with a car at a switch point, and the youth was arrested. No one was hurt.

"He free-lanced it," said Donna Alston, spokeswoman for the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority. "But we didn't hear any complaints from riders."

The youth, who had somehow obtained a regular conductor's uniform, made all the regular stops along the 15-mile route, but it was uncertain how much he collected in fares, the authority said.

"He made money for (the transportation agency)," said police Detective Capt. James Nocco. "And he didn't keep a penny."

Authorities said the youth apparently liked to hang around trolley depots and learned how to operate the cars by watching other conductors.