The University of Utah will host an annual conference for IBM-based supercomputing systems in higher education April 21-24.

The four-day workshop at Park City's Prospector Square Hotel will offer sessions on topics such as networking, graphics standards, parallel computing, on-line information systems and supercomputer needs in social and natural sciences.Researchers, teachers, computer center staff and management and user support staff are encouraged to attend.

The conference is sponsored by Super!, Supercomputing by University People for Education and Research, a higher education user group.

"Higher education is a unique setting for supercomputing because of the nature of its applications and users, funding sources, networking and everchanging perceptions about high-performance hardware," said Julio C. Facelli, research assistant professor in the U.'s Supercomputing Institute.

The registration fee is $140. To make reservations at the hotel, call 1-800-453-3812. For more information about the conference, call Julio Facelli, 581-7529.