Fourteen Ogden City police officers have applied for the job of chief of police.

Ogden personnel officer Jeanne M. Ferrero said 11 of those officers submitted their applications on Friday, which was the deadline for applicants. A new chief will be selected no later than May 6, according to Ogden City Manager Robert Hunter.Chief Joe Ritchie, head of the department for 16 years, gave Hunter his letter of resignation on April 5. He told reporters that Hunter fired him on April 4, a negotiation was worked out and he resigned the following day.

Hunter has refused to discuss the circumstances of Ritchie's resignation or his working relationship with the former chief.

Ritchie was allegedly forced to resign in light of resignations from two of his officers. Detective Kent Ross quit after he entered a guilty plea on April 15 to sexual abuse of a child. He will be sentenced on May 20 for abusing a 4-year-old girl. Ross was suspended without pay a week after he was charged with the second-degree felony and resigned the day after he entered his guilty plea.

And Officer Brian Johnson resigned after an administrative law judge recommended his police certification be revoked because of drug problems.

Hunter asked applicants to submit their name, rank, education and asked them to briefly answer, "If you were the police chief, what would you do to improve the department?"

Hunter also explained to the candidates that Ogden is a drug-free work place and "all applicants will be tested."

Capt. Robert Warren was sworn in as chief last week and will remain until his retirement at the end of April.