George Bush, who wants to be the "education president," starts his own education next week in how to use a personal computer, White House press secretary Marlin Fitzwater said Friday.

"We have a number of computer training people who are under contract to the federal government for these various systems we have, and one of those persons will be selected to train the president on his computer," Fitzwater said at a press briefing.The White House Communications Agency and the White House Office of Management and Administration train staffers to use computers and will give lessons to the president, said spokesman Sean Walsh.

The president will use one of the White House computers, which include models made by IBM and Hewlett-Packard, Walsh said.

Announcing his education initiative Thursday, Bush, 66, vowed to develop the skill. "I want to be computer literate, and I'm not," he said.

Allison Allgaier, a computer consultant at Brigham Young University in Utah, outlined what she would do if she were Bush's teacher.

First, she said, she would teach the president basics such as the difference between software, the instructions that tell the computer what to do, and hardware, the equipment itself. When he understood how to use hardware components such as the keyboard, disks and disk drives, she would introduce him to programs including word processing, graphics design, spreadsheets and access to data bases.

Allgaier said she would hold a weekly one-hour class in Bush's office. "You've got to have time to let stuff sink in," she said.