Adjusting the 1990 census figures could mean an additional $9.7 million in federal funds for Utah projects , state officials said.

The Census Bureau released preliminary results Thursday that suggest the 1990 figures for the nation may be 6 million people too low.Utah had a count of 1,722,850 people, but the bureau's survey said that figure may be too low by as much as 60,150, said Jim Robson, research analyst for the Utah Office of Planning and Budget.

What that means to Utah in terms of federal appropriations depends on whether the Department of Commerce will make adjustments based on the post-enumeration survey, said Robson.

People in 165,000 residences throughout the country were asked if they had participated in the census. The number of those who said they did not was used to create a high and low estimate of how far off the census was for each state, said Robson. Census records were also checked to see if any participants were duplicated, accidentally eliminated or miscounted.

According to the survey, the lowest estimated figure for Utah is 1,736,000 people and the high estimate is 1,783,000 - a 2.1 percent difference from the census figure.