Gary Hart has paid a neighboring family $100,000 to give up its right to use a road that crosses his 170-acre ranch near Kittredge, Colo., in the foothills of the Rockies, the family's lawyer said.

The former Democratic senator and presidential candidate and his wife, Lee, agreed to the settlement with Lois Choate and her family, lawyer Victor Boog said in the Rocky Mountain News on Friday. The road, apparently once a stagecoach route, runs past the Harts' new log home.Hart, 54, was out of the country and his wife declined to comment.

The Choates live on a 215-acre ranch west of the Harts, who moved in in 1985. The Choates had been using the road for 36 years, Boog said.

Last summer the Harts began locking the gate they had placed across the road in 1987 and the Choates sued them in District Court at Golden.

The Harts will also get six acres near their home in the deal, which they have agreed to keep in a natural state, Boog said.