J. Clark Robinson General manager, Lagoon and Pioneer Village


Age: 49.

Where born: Salt Lake City. Family: Wife DeeAnn Carling Robinson, two sons and two daughters.

Education: University of Utah: Bachelor of science and master's in business administration.

Primary products: Lagoon, amusement park; Pioneer Village and Lagoon A Beach water park.

Primary markets: Utah and Western states.

Number of employees: 2,000.

Annual attendance: Approximately 1 million.


First "real" jobs: Unloading hay for 5 cents a load as 6-year-old and taking care of the monkeys in Lagoon's original Fun House for 50 cents a day while 9 years of age.

Management style: Hire and develop from a selected group of outstanding, young seasonal employees and "allow" them to run the operation.

Strategy for success: Provide fun, unusual and happy family entertainment experiences in an atmosphere that emphasizes cleanliness, safety and exceptional young employees.

A memorable failure: Opening the park too early - snow, rain and more snow!

Heroes: A wonderful mother.

Leisure time and hobbies: Enjoying a beautiful family, tennis and reading.

Favorite book and movie: Recreational reading: Sho Gun, James Clavell; Most Compelling: Isaiah; and Best "edge of your chair": Anything by Tom Clancy.