Nineteen patents have been awarded to Utah inventors by the U.S. Patent Office.

Simon Soul-Sun Goe, Snowville. A method for preparing harvested brine shrimp cysts for storage, shipment and later use as fish food. Filed April 19, 1988. Patent 4,996,780.Dan E. Fischer, Sandy. A device for storing and dispensing gloves. Assigned to Ultradent Products Inc., Salt Lake City. Filed June 28, 1988. Patent 4,997,105.

Dan E. Fischer, Sandy. An apparatus for controlled application of a dental agent to a predetermined tooth surface. Assigned to Honda Giken Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha, Tokyo, Japan. Filed June 22, 1988. Patent 4,997,371.

E. Marlowe Goble and W. Karl Somers, both of Logan. Endosteal fixation stud and system. Filed Jan. 16, 1990. Patent 4,997,433.

William L. Vetter, American Fork, and Dennis L. Mortensen, Sandy. A method of cleaning and rinsing wafers used in the production of integrated circuits. Assigned to Bold Plastics Inc., West Jordan. Filed Aug. 2, 1990. Patent 4,997,490.

Ronald L. Atwood, Farmington. Air-sparged hydrocyclone separator. Assigned to Advanced Processing Technologies Inc., Salt Lake City. Filed Sept. 19, 1989. Patent 4,997,549.

Mark S. Lamon, Snowville. A device for harvesting brine shrimp cysts from a body of brine having such cysts in a thin layer at its surface. Filed Aug. 15, 1989. Patent 4,998,369.

Michael V. Orton, Manti. An alignment and lateral support member for use in laying common concrete blocks. Filed Nov. 17, 1989. Patent 4,998,397.

David P. Brown, Salt Lake City. U-shaped pipe clamping system. Assigned to Baker Hughes Inc., Houston. Filed Jan. 23, 1990. Patent 4,998,691.

John Hyll, Salt Lake City. A vane core assembly for use in forming a vane passage in an injection-formed, elastomer-covered, closed-shroud impeller. Assigned to Baker International Corp., Houston. Filed March 21, 1988, a continuation of patent 4,732,541, which is a division of patent 4,706,928. Patent 4,998,706.

Scott R. Watterson, River Heights; Donald J. Standing; and William T. Dalebout, Logan. Exercise machine controller. Assigned to Proform Fitness Products Inc., Logan. Filed Feb. 3, 1989. Patent 4,998,725.

Donald B. Paxton, Brigham City; Donald R. Lauritsen, Hyrum; and Scott R. Anderson, Syracuse. Two-stage automotive gas bag inflator using igniter material to delay second stage ignition. Assigned to Morton International Inc., Chicago, Ill. Filed March 26, 1990. Patent 4,998,751.

Ralph E. Hannah, Sandy. A hand-held aspirating device. Assigned to Unimed Inc., Salt Lake City. Filed Feb. 1, 1990. Patent 4,998,915.

Milton B. Thacker, Salt Lake City; John M. Limburg, Murray; and Vincent J. Memmott, Centerville. Low profile fluid catalytic cracking apparatus and process. Filed Aug. 25, 1989, a division of application Jan. 29, 1988, which is a continuation of applications Feb. 9, 1987, and Dec. 2, 1987. Patent 4,999,100.

C. Lynn Peterson, Salt Lake City. Method and apparatus for separating solids from liquids. Assigned to Peterson Filters Corp., Salt Lake City. Filed Feb. 3, 1989, a continuation of application Aug. 19, 1985. Patent 4,999,115.

Melvin G. Bowman, Pleasant View. Thermochemical cycle for splitting hydrogen sulfide. Filed Dec. 8, 1988. Patent 4,999,178.

Paul W. Rives, Roy, and John B. Sereika, Brigham City. Baby bottle holder. Assigned to Third Hand Corp., Brigham City. Filed Nov. 23, 1987. Design patent 315,264.

Richard B. Stringham, Bountiful. Carousel cosmetic case. Filed Oct. 2, 1989. Design patent 315,228.

John L. McFarland, Roy. Marking caliper. Filed Oct. 31, 1988. Design patent 315,317.

Copies of patents are available by number for $1.50 from Box 9, Patent and Trademark Office, Washington DC 20231.