State authorities have revoked the nursing license of an Orem man who used saline to replace some Demerol he had taken from a hospital, an order said.

Brian Clay Knuth was employed at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center and Orem Community Hospital last summer, the order said, when he took the Demerol and injected it at work.He tried to conceal his conduct by replacing the missing Demerol with saline, the order said, then he replaced the needle cover on the contaminated needle and syringe and left it in the narcotic drawer.

According to the order issued by the state Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing, hospital personnel detected the used needle and syringe and confronted Knuth, who admitted self-injecting the Demerol.

Knuth had become dependent on the pain killer through treatment for chronic back pain, the order said. At the time he took the drugs from the hospital, his prescribed supply had run out.

Knuth is participating in a drug dependency program and has no prospects for nursing employment in the near future, the order said.