City Council districts will not be realigned for the 1991 election.

Earlier this year, some council members were pushing to change boundaries in accordance with the 1990 Census.However, redistricting can't be done in time for the November election, said Raylene Ireland, administrative assistant to Mayor Joe Jenkins, in a memo to council members this week.

Municipalities are not required to realign boundaries until after the Utah Legislature redraws legislative and congressional districts in the year after the census. The Legislature will not complete its work until October or November.

The city then has six months after that time to redistrict and change council boundaries.

Councilman Stan Brown said he doesn't agree with the memo. He said it should be done for the next election because four council members are up for re-election.

Councilman Ben Porter has sought to not only redraw boundaries but to change from four districts and three at-large seats to seven districts. It would give the residents better representation, he said.

Richard Dalebout, assistant city attorney, said redistricting and changing the format are separate issues and need addressed independently.

The council will talk about the issues at a May 3 retreat.