Last year, Utah was one of 12 states that had at least one bankruptcy filing for every 100 of its households. And with Nevada, Utah had the most Chapter 11 bankruptcies per business of any state.

Overall, Utah had 7,894 total bankruptcy filings in 1990 - 895 for businesses and 6,999 non-business filings, according to the American Bankruptcy Institute.It says such high numbers are common nationwide and show the bankruptcy system is heavily burdened. So it is asking Congress to create a commission to study ways to improve the system.

Harry D. Dixon Jr., president of the institute, said that the number of bankruptcies in the nation has increased more than 25 percent during the past three years, and need for improvements in the bankruptcy system has never been greater.

"A complete review of the bankruptcy system is needed and could be accomplished by such a blue-ribbon commission," he said. "The commission should be created as soon as possible."

One of the problems the institute would study is increasing use of bankruptcy by people with catastrophic health expenses.