As the only room at midlevel, the living room is a world unto itself in the tri-level Channing, and an exceptionally airy and spacious world at that. Here, a 12-foot-high ceiling combines with a wall of custom-made, multipaned windows to create a cathedrallike effect.

The Channing is designed for construction on a hillside that slopes down toward the street. A two-car garage is at ground level, the living room is at midlevel and the rest of the home is another half-flight up. From the back, it looks like a single-level home.The dining room overlooks the living room, separated by nothing more than the change in levels and a graceful railing. The kitchen, family room and master suite are located along the back of the home, and two more bedrooms face the street.

The family room is every bit as large and bright as the living room, though the ceiling is not as high. Sliding glass doors open onto a wooden deck. There's plenty of space to move around, and plenty of counter space in the adjacent kitchen. Placement of the range top and oven, built into the eating bar, make it convenient to dish up quick meals and snacks onto plates and bowls lined up along the bar.

The master suite has a huge walk-in closet and a compartmentalized vanity. The other two bedrooms share a bathroom, also outfitted with a separate vanity area, along with linen storage.

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