It's been more than six months since the Challenger Foundation went out of business in Utah.

"So, whatever happened to Steve Cartisano?" you might ask of the company's controverisal, outspoken president."Things are going pretty good. Real relaxed," Cartisano said from his Mapleton, Utah County, home Friday. "I'm just being a father and doing yardwork. I hate it."

Hates the yardwork, that is, he adds quickly. He said he also hates the fact he can't beat his kids at Nintendo.

Shortly after his company went bankrupt and lost its license in Utah, Cartisano went to Hawaii to start a program that was promptly shut down by Hawaiian authorities. He also has done a little consulting in "wilderness therapy" for firms in Mexico.

Lately, he's been trying to clear his name of homicide and child-abuse charges. (Please see accompanying story).

If he's successful, he may start up another wilderness therapy program in Utah.

Or there's always the movies. Cartisano said he got a call from a producer in Hollywood who wants to do a TV movie about him.

"Robert Blake - you know, of `Baretta' fame - would play me.

"I wanted Tom Cruise, but they said he was too good-looking to play me."