If your Metropolitan Ogden phone book is looking pretty shabby these days, don't despair. New phone directories are coming soon.

Even though they will be appearing more than two months later than they did last year, US WEST Direct's White and Yellow Pages will begin a three-week distribution to Ogden and north Davis County residential and business customers beginning Monday, April 29.In Davis County, residents from Sunset on the north to Farmington on the south receive the Ogden phone book.

According to Carolyne Kennedy, media relations director for US WEST Direct in Denver, the delay in delivery of the 1991-92 telephone books is due to a change in service designed to more efficiently serve customers in the area.

Kennedy said US WEST Direct opened a new office last fall at 4155 Harrison Blvd. in Ogden with 14 employees to better serve Yellow Pages customers. Previously, these customers were served by the Salt Lake office.

Ogden area advertisers have been contacted directly from the new office, and time required for the extra effort has resulted in a permanent adjustment in the distribution date of the phone directory.

While last year's Ogden-area phone book was in the hands of customers by mid-February and the 1989 directory was available by mid-March, all future Ogden books will now be distributed in late April.

"We approach these kinds of changes cautiously," Kennedy said. "We hate to adjust schedules, but this kind of thing happens when we open a new office."

The new Ogden office will serve Yellow Pages customers in Brigham City, Cache Valley, the Ogden/north Davis area and also Evanston and Rock Springs, Wyo.

The Ogden-area directory contains listings for all of Weber County and also north Davis County south through Farmington.

US WEST Direct is separate from US WEST Communications and it handles the Yellow Pages and also the printing of the White Pages Directory. The White Pages are provided on a data base from US WEST Communications.

Kennedy said the Denver US WEST Direct office prints 300 telephone directories annually in 14 states. It has 2,700 employees. Some of directories have as few as 2,000 copies printed, while in larger areas like Seattle millions are printed.

The Ogden area directory will have 150,000 copies distributed by early May. US WEST Direct keeps many other copies on hand to replace damaged books and for customers who move in during the year.

Anyone not receiving a telephone book by mid-May should call 1 (800) 422-8793. Kennedy also said extra copies of the book are available free.

There will be some big changes in the new phone book. The Yellow Pages will include four-color advertising. Previously, only red and black were available. Now, blue and green are also available for advertisers.

"We think customers will like the new book and they'll also be pleased to know that they can recycle it, too," Kennedy said. She said that the cover of the phone book will stay the same, because customers like the consistency.

US WEST Direct has a five-year recycling plan, and the current phase involves recovering old phone books to be used for other consumer projects. The final phase is a "closed loop" process that means future telephone books will contain recycled fibers.

Part-time, local residents are recruited and trained annually to distribute the phone directories. Kennedy said this local connection results in better delivery since the people know the area they choose to work in. She also said the company's quality-control department makes spot checks in certain areas to ensure that everyone receives new directories.