Hundreds of Andover's couch potatoes have vowed to discover life beyond the tube.

Starting Saturday, nearly a third of the community's families have pledged to "turn off the TV and do something" for one week."If people were to turn off their televisions three to four hours a night, they would be surprised at how much time they have," said Dianne Grenier, who helped organize NTV - short for no television.

Grenier has a TV set, a videocassette recorder and even a cable hookup. But she wants her fellow townsfolk to know the joys of doing more than staring at the screen.

By Thursday, she had signed up 250 of the town's approximately 900 families, she said.

The town's selectmen and Board of Education like Grenier's idea and helped organize 36 diversions during the project, which kicks off at 4 a.m. Saturday with a "fisherman's breakfast." Grenier is an avid fishing enthusiast.

Other activities include horseshoe pitching, star gazing, a puppet show, a wine tasting and an art show.

Andover has a population of 2,500.