Too many students for the number of classrooms. Outdated equipment and insufficient teaching materials. Tight state budgets with no relief in sight.

The Davis School District already had enough to worry about.Now, the district has learned it will lose almost $1.2 million in federal funding.

"That's not good news," said Superintendent Rich Kendell. "That's very bad news for us."

The U.S. government, he said, has announced that it is cutting back its "impact aid," which last year poured $2.2 million into the Davis district.

Impact aid is a program in which the government assists school districts whose boundaries include large military installations, which are exempt from paying property taxes that fund local governments and schools.

In Davis County's case, of course, the installation is Hill Air Force Base, which has $4 billion worth of real estate that cannot be taxed, Kendell said.

Because of a change in the impact aid formula - which is based on the number of military dependents and whether they live on- or off-base - the school district will lose $1.16 million this year, a loss that will affect "virtually every district program," Kendell said.

School Board President Lynn Summerhays echoed Kendell's concern, noting that the loss will come out of the district's operating budget, which funds salaries, supplies and programs.