Plans for an on-ramp to I-215 at 4500 South will dramatically increase traffic on a neighborhood street and increase the hazard to children, Cindy Evans told the Granite Board of Education recently.

Evans asked the board to reopen debate on a hazardous busing route for affected children who attend Howard R. Driggs Elementary, 4340 S. 2700 East. The school was among several that petitioned the board last fall to provide buses for children who must walk in dangerous traffic situations. The board turned down the Driggs request at that time.Evans said the proposed on-ramp will close Stratton Ave. at 4500 South, channeling traffic onto Wallace Lane. Traffic on the lane is expected to double from 2,000 cars per day to 4,000, she said.

The board did not act on the request, but member Lynn D. Davidson used the occasion to renew his complaint that street and highway planners often create school problems without making any effort to resolve them.

In some cases, "wide curbs" are identified as sidewalks, he said. Children walking the narrow walkways are often within four to five feet of cars traveling 50 to 60 miles per hour, he said.