It looks as though those few who kept their bellbottoms hanging in their closets might not have that much longer to wait before dusting them off.

British synthesizer pop bands like Erasure and the Pet Shop Boys are infusing new life into the supposedly dead musical trend known as disco. In addition, New York club bands have transformed disco by adding rap and psychedelic elements into the mix.Probably the most successful of those club acts is Dee-Lite, a multi-national trio whose members look like a cross between "Laugh-In" and "Saturday Night Fever."

Salt Lake crowds will have their opportunity to see the group in action Friday, April 19, at the Utah State Fairpark Horticulture Building.

Chief amongst the Dee-Liteful is Lady Miss Kier, the band's singer and fashion consultant. In her sultry skin-tight psychedelic outfits, Kier is starting a fashion trend or two in her own right.

In late 1988, Kier ran into Super DJ Dmitry, a Russian immigrant whose obsessions with rap, funk, R&B, disco and late '60s pop defines much of the band's sound. The two subsequently hooked up with Jungle DJ Towa Towa, a Tokyo-born mix-master, and Dee-Lite was born.

Bored with downbeat music, the trio recorded their Elektra Rec-ords debut, "World Clique," in early 1990, but only after much blood, sweat and tears had been shed, Dmitry said.

"It's all really positive. But positivity isn't something that just happens. You have to really work for it, look for it."

Dee-Lite has subsequently risen to both critical acclaim and success with its "Groove Is in the Heart."

Adding authentic funk and disco life to the album's mix are the legendary Bootsy Collins; the venerable Horny Horns, who have played with the likes of Parliament/Funkadelic and James Brown; and others including the urban rap poet Q-Tip.

Kier says the band is setting a new pace and message for the '90s with the album as well as its outrageous fashions and stage shows. "In the '60s it was the stream of consciousness. This age is pulling us together for the cream of consciousness."

Collins and the Horny Horns will be joining the band for its "Dee-Liteful dance party," which starts at 8 p.m. Local act the Gamma Rays will open the show.

Tickets for the concert are $17.50 and are available at all Sound Off Records and Graywhale CD locations, Toad Tape in Ogden, Stargazer and at the door. The show is a Scott Arnold production.