It won't be a typical spring weekend for Sen. Jake Garn, R-Utah. But he will be one cool senator - spending most of his time beneath the arctic ice cap and spending a night in an ice camp.

Garn - a member of the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Defense - "will be observing classified submarine operations that provide a deterrent to nuclear attack," said Mary Jane Collipriest, an assistant press secretary to Garn.She said exact details of what he will be doing are classified.

But he will leave Andrews Air Force Base near Washington on Saturday and fly to Thule, Greenland, where he will spend the night in an ice camp. Collipriest said he will then venture beneath the North Pole via submarine.

Others on the trip will include Sen. Al Gore, D-Tenn., and Reps. Tom Bevill, D-Ala., John Spratt, D-S.C, and Michael McNulty, D-D.Y. Representatives of the Office of Management and Budget and the U.S. General Accounting Office will also go.