America First Credit Union has issued a warning to its customers about a man who has called some clients and, under the pretense of representing credit card companies, asked for card-holders' account numbers.

The credit union has received three inquiries in the past week from customers asking if the telephone calls they received were legitimate, said America First spokeswoman Peggy Wallace.She said the calls are not legitimate, and customers contacted in such a manner should report the incidents to their respective financial institutions.

"When our members start calling us it looks like a trend. People don't usually call the credit union or a bank to say that they've received an unusual call, but they should," Wallace said.

"What we'll be doing is sending a notice to other financial institutions and our customers to let them know what's going on," she said.

The three credit union members told America First that the caller told them the status of the card-holder had changed and he needed the member's account number in order to issue a new card.

In one instance the man said, "We are now in charge of guaranteeing your VISA account. If you will just tell me your VISA number, we'll issue you new cards," Wallace said.

In another case, the caller said, "This is Tom from Ogden. We're calling to tell you that our West Valley office has been robbed. I need you to give me all of your account information."

In still another instance, a man said the customer is a member in good standing and he needed the account number to increase the credit limit. He asked for the VISA number - in reverse order.

Asking for the reverse order may be a twist to throw the card holder off-guard long enough to get the number, Wallace said.

Financial institutions never ask for account information over the telephone, she said.

"No financial institution would ever call this way. They would already have this information," Wallace explained.