Earth Search Sciences Inc., 2319 Foothill Drive, a mineral exploration reconnaissance company, has signed an agreement with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration for the use of a new and highly advance imaging/scanning system called AVIRIS.

The company, in consultation with the University of Utah Research Institute's Center for Remote Sensing and Cartography, will develop and apply the use of AVIRIS data for mineral and petroleum exploration. In addition, the company will further develop the ESSI proprietary AVIRIS technology as the project continues.The agreement states that NASA will provide research facilities, technical support, coordination and consultation with scientists from the University of Southern Mississippi, CalTech's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Lockheed Engineering and Management and NASA's John C. Stennis Space Center.

ESSI has booked time in May and June for a NASA U-2 airplane to fly over certain targets of interest in the western United States to gather AVIRIS data, which ESSI will process and interpret. Company scientists and technicians will do the necessary laboratory and field work to establish and validate the data.