The popular Maple Grove Campground, located one mile west of U.S. 50 near the boundaries of Sevier and Millard counties, will be restructured in a major improvement program by the U.S. Forest Service.

Roads and camping spurs will be resurfaced, restrooms replaced, family and group units reconstructed and several units and a new waterline will be added, said Ronald K. Tew, acting supervisor of the Fishlake National Forest. One group unit will be enlarged and two family units will be added.The campground is accessible year-round by an asphalt road.

Although it is located in a flood plain, Tew said flooding has not been a problem since the campground was built in the 1930s. The stream starts from springs within the campground. There is no stream channel above the springs.

"An archeological review will be done prior to the reconstruction," Tew said. "There are significant (Indian) sites in the general area, but it is doubtful that significant artifacts exist in the campground."