A Ogden woman was recently awarded almost $17,000 in damages from a hair styling school that she claimed damaged her hair and scalp with a color treatment.

Kim Nutt, 29, filed the suit against Painter's College of Beauty, and a 2nd District Court jury of seven women and one man ruled in her favor Monday after deliberating about two hours. Nutt declined to comment but said Wednesday she felt the award was fair. Second District Judge Stanton Taylor presided.Nutt's Ogden attorney, Craig Storey, said the jury found that the college was negligent in working with his client's hair last year.

The school allows students to work on customers' hair in order to learn their craft, and Storey said both students and instructors caused "pain and humiliation" to Nutt.

According to Storey, Nutt went to the school to get her hair highlighted on April 13, 1990, and the color didn't work out so she went back the next day to have the color corrected.

"Her hair turned gray," said Storey. "She ended up with a complete head of dead hair."

The attorney said that the instructors tried to correct the mistake by pouring chemicals onto Nutt's hair in an attempt to get it back to its natural color.

"She had a chemical reaction," said Storey. "It was bad, severe and quite painful."

Storey said the treatment damaged Nutt's hair to the roots and burned and blistered her scalp. "It was humiliating and painful," he said.

Nutt waited three weeks and again went back to Painter's so the instructors could repair the damage, but they failed to do so, Storey said. Because it will take about three years before Nutt's hair grows back, she filed a lawsuit seeking $50,000 in damages.

Dale Stratford, Painter's attorney, said Wednesday the lawsuit was based on the fact that Nutt didn't like the color of her hair.

"The jury decided in her favor," said Stratford. "Don't ask me why."