The cost of fuel topped a list of grievances a group of pilots presented at a hastily called meeting of the Cedar City Airport board of directors.

The recent meeting followed weeks of complaints by pilots about the airport and its manager, Gordon Jewett. He also manages the airport's only fixed base operation, which is owned by a subsidiary company of SkyWest Airlines.The operation sells fuel, mechanical work and other services to private and commercial flights.

The pilots also said Jewett is indifferent to local private pilots and that the airport is losing business because of high prices.

Jewett, however, denied that business has declined since he took over the fixed base operation and said his fuel prices are in line with airports in Phoenix, Las Vegas and Salt Lake City.

Pilots Bob Sigfried and Terry Porter disagreed, saying they had recently paid lower prices in Phoenix.

Porter said he had just completed a cross-country flight in which he paid significantly lower fuel prices in other cities. Pilots Ken Prince and Tim Hatfield also voiced concerns about high prices at the airport.

Jewett said his prices had dropped 20 cents since the end of the Persian Gulf war and more reductions are expected.

He also told the board that he does not charge tie-down fees for local pilots, another point of contention, and that he did not provide a courtesy car because there are rental cars available at the airport.

Jewett plans to hold another meeting with pilots later this week to discuss differences. Porter was also recommended for appointment to membership on the airport board.