Police arrested a man early Thursday morning they believe is responsible for planting bombs on three buildings in Provo and Orem over the past four months.

Police said earlier this week they believed the same person planted the bombs on windows at the Orem Library, a Wasatch Mental Health office building and an LDS chapel. Each bomb was more refined than the last, according to Provo Police Capt. Duane Fraser.The most recent bomb was discovered last Sunday. It was taped to a window of the Grandview Stake's 1st, 5th and 9th Wards chapel, 1555 N. 1350 West in Provo.

The bomb exploded about 4 a.m. Sunday, causing up to $3,000 damage to the window and curtains.

A custodian for the Wasatch Mental Health office, 286 S. 800 East, found a bomb attached to a window on Feb. 17. Provo police deactivated the bomb, which was ticking when found.

A city employee discovered a bomb on the ground below a window at the Orem City Library on Jan. 28. The device had been attached to the window but fell to the ground after it failed to detonate properly.

After the church bombing, on April 14, Provo police detectives began looking through Radio Shack receipts for components that may have been used in manufacturing the bomb. They were able to come up with a name and established that the person had made several purchases at different stores. Among the purchases were the components - such things as relays, transistors, switches and timing devices.

Detectives Dave Bolda and Richard Healey obtained a search warrant and arrested a man at 3 a.m. Thursday.

The detectives said a motive has not been determined.

Jim D. Bowcutt, 32, 472 N. 400 West, Orem, was booked for investigation of three counts of construction of an infernal machine, a third-degree felony, and three counts of delivery and placement of an infernal machine on the premises of a building, a second-degree felony.