The House of Commons approved legislation implementing the U.S.-Canada free trade agreement, but the opposition-dominated Senate vowed to delay a vote on the bill until after a general election.

The elected House of Commons, where the Conservatives have 212 of 282 seats, easily passed the legislation Wednesday in a 177-64 vote but only after the Liberals interrupted the proceedings, waving the Canadian flag, singing the national anthem "Oh Canada" and angrily demanding an election.It was one of the wildest displays in the past four years in Parliament, where a leader in the Liberal-dominated Senate predicted the treaty would win speedy passage if Conservative Prime Minister Brian Mulroney is returned to power.

The Senate, which has the power to amend or kill the legislation, agreed to a request from Liberal leader John Turner to delay its vote until after a general election. Mulroney is expected to announce a general election on or shortly after Sept. 17, the fourth anniversary of his party taking power.