The California Lottery set a fistful of records as the jackpot topped $117 million - the biggest in North American history - and sent hopeful multimillionaires into a virtual frenzy of Lotto fever.

The randomly picked numbers for the record-breaking California Lotto 6/53 jackpot were: 1, 7, 16, 19, 26 and 53. The bonus number was 52.A pool of 31 bowling center employees and customers from Red Bluff, Calif., claimed Thursday to have picked six numbers to win a share of the lottery.

The odds of picking all six winning numbers are one in 23 million, and the total sales were a record $111,221,666. Wednesday's sales of $54 million also set a record.

Getting struck by lightning was 12 times more likely that having the six main numbers, according to the Los Angeles Museum of Natural History.

Droves of would-be millionaires lined up Wednesday at the state's 9,550 lottery terminals, which spewed out tickets at the astonishing rate of more than 840 per second, California Lottery spokeswoman Cynthia Moore said.

The jackpot of $117.1 million surpassed the North American record of $115.6 million, a prize shared by 14 people in Pennsylvania's Super 7 lottery drawing on April 26, 1989.