Some of the 750 patients notified by a Florida dentist that he is carrying the AIDS virus reacted Wednesday by wishing him well, while others contacted lawyers.

Dr. Robert A. Engel, who specialized in orthodontics and often worked with children in need of braces, wrote his patients Friday that he was closing his practice immediately."I am sorry for any anxiety this may cause to anyone," Engel said in a one-page letter to his patients.

Engel, 37, is the second South Florida dentist in eight months to publicly disclose he has acquired immune deficiency syndrome. Last September, Stuart dentist David J. Acer wrote his patients two days before his death, urging them to be tested for the HIV virus.

Engel said in his letter that he had been following national Centers for Disease Control guidelines, which include the use of masks, gloves and protective eyewear.

"I feel no patients could have been infected by me," wrote Engel.