Salt Lake police say thy have finished their investigation into the shooting of University of Utah basketball player Paul Afeaki.

"We are closing the case. We've exhausted all of our leads," said Lt. Jim Bell.Police investigators, however, said they may have continued to investigate the shooting had they received more cooperation from Afeaki.

"We haven't had what we feel is his total attention and cooperation in this investigation," Bell said.

Earlier this week, detectives said Afeaki has missed several appointments over the past month to take a lie detector test. Bell declined to say whether or not the test had been taken, saying police policy prohibits him from commenting about the results of such tests "or the accused's failure to submit to such tests."

Two weeks ago, Afeaki told the Deseret News that police detectives had asked him to take the test, but he had not decided if he would do so. Afeaki's attorney, J.D. Gurmankin, did not return calls to the Deseret News.

The Ute basketball player was shot in the shoulder on Feb. 14 after being followed in his car. He told police he cut off another driver in traffic and the driver followed him for several blocks.

He said he eventually stopped, got out of his car and approached the other car. Afeaki said the unknown driver then rolled down his window and shot him.

Police said Afeaki had agreed to take the lie detector test to quell widespread rumors about the shooting, including one that his wife shot him during an argument. Police and Afeaki have squelched that rumor.

Afeaki changed his home phone number to an unlisted one, and Bell said detectives do not have a current phone number. Detectives tried to contact him through the university but were given his attorney's number.

After contacting the attorney, Bell said his office decided to close the book on the case.