To the editor:

I understand approximately $1 million will be paid to a local contractor as a fee to oversee building (construction managing) $26.3 million of Olympic facilities at Bear Hollow.The average taxpayer is probably not aware the state of Utah already has a Construction Management Division, Division of Facilities, Construction Management (DFCM) directed by Neil Stowe, who coincidentally is one of the directors of the Utah Sports Authority.

Why should Utah taxpayers funds pay again for construction management services? The last two words in DFCM mean "construction management." If the state agency cannot handle construction managing services, then there should be no reason why these services should not be managed exclusively by the private sector. But for no reason should the Utah taxpayer be expected to fund duplicate services.

Perhaps now is the time to consider eliminating the Division of Facilities Construction Management and redistributing its operating budget to private competition. I am fairly certain getting rid of one more useless state agency will promote private and competitive construction management services, at a savings to the taxpayer.

David K. Mast, president

U.S. General Inc.