Navajos can repair homes on Hopi land but must not build additions or new houses, Hopi Tribal Chairman Ivan Sidney said Tuesday as he promised a court fight but held off on seeking an immediate restraining order.

Navajo Tribal Chairman Peter MacDonald has threatened to build additional housing for Navajos on Hopi land that both tribes once shared, and Sidney said he had proof that Navajos had built illegally in the recent past.But while MacDonald and other tribal officials moved onto Hopi land over the weekend with hammers and nails, Sidney said Tuesday that their initial round of weekend work appeared to involve permitted repairs to existing homes rather than illegal new construction.

On Saturday, Sidney told reporters he would seek a restraining order as his next move.

But at a news conference here Tuesday, Sidney said he was holding off until he had all his ducks in a row.

"I don't want to go right away to the court," Sidney said, adding that when he filed the motion, he would "do it with evidence" to back his assertions.