Police have arrested a Defense Ministry worker and charged him with being one of the most important military spies for former Communist East Germany, the chief federal prosecutor said today.

More than seven months after the reunification of the two German states, federal authorities are still rooting out agents of now-defunct East Germany.Chief federal prosecutor Alexander von Stahl said in a statement that the worker, identified only as 57-year-old Defense Ministry worker Wolf-Heinrich P., was an East German agent for more than two decades.

German authorities routinely decline to give suspects' last names.

The prosecutor said the suspect, who was arrested on Monday, sometimes delivered so much material that the East Germans were not able to assess it all. He said the alleged spy handed over information about weapons development and received more than $120,000 for his work.

"According to the arrest warrant, the accused was one of the most important agents of the Ministry for State Security in the military area," von Stahl's statement said.

The ministry was in charge of spying for East Germany.