At its meeting Tuesday, April 16, the Centerville City Council:- Amended the city's landscaping ordinance, now requiring a minimum of 5 percent of the parcel in commercial developments be landscaped. The landscaping can be required by the planning commission to be in the parcel's front yard.

- Agreed to make another donation to the Bountiful-Davis Art Center, probably the same amount - $500 - as last year, out of the city's upcoming budget. Also agreed to help support the center's Summerfest festival in August.

- Approved a series of revised job descriptions for city employees, written by an outside employment and personnel consultant.

- Informally approved a plat for the proposed Williamsberg subdivision, with 39 lots, near Porter Lane and 400 West. As part of the approval, residents with lots along Deuel Creek will be required to erect and maintain chain-link fences bordering the channel.

- Approved plats for Centerville Orchards and Sunset View subdivisions.