Singer Brenda Lee has filed suit against MCA Records for $20 million, claiming she is owed unpaid royalties for a 20-year contract signed in 1962. Lee told The Tennessean newspaper that she would not comment on the suit and MCA also declined comment. Court documents in Nashville, Tenn., show Lee charges her former record company with failing to account for sales, licensing her records without her permission, neglecting foreign licensing, and blocking her attempts to audit the label. Lee began recording for the firm in 1956 when she was 11. The suit comes from a 20-year contract Lee signed in 1962 with Decca Records, MCA's predecessor. Lee was 17 and an international hit by the time she signed the 20-year contract. Lee is said to be the world's biggest-selling female vocalist. She has more than 65 hits for MCA and international record sales reportedly of more than $80 million. She began as a teenage rockabilly in the '50s, then turned to mainstream pop in the '60s, then country in the '70s and '80s.