Q. Any chance for more "Leave It to Beaver" sequels?

A. No way. "We shot the last `New Leave It to Beaver' episode about two years ago, and I think we finally exhausted everyone's enthusiasm," says Tony Dow, a.k.a. Wally Cleaver. "Maybe 10 years from now, we could come back again . . . Jerry (Mathers, the Beaver) and I could be grandfathers."Q. I have become a fan of Michael Moriarity, of "Law and Order." How old is he? Is he married? Where can I send a letter? - P.K., Exton, Pa.

A. Detroit-born Moriarity will be 50 on April 5. He attended Darmouth, trained for the stage at the London (England) Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts on a Fulbright Scholarship. He has a Tony for "Find Your Way Home," Emmys for "The Glass Menagerie" and "Holocaust." He's also a noted jazz pianist. He's married, father of Matthew. Write: NBC-TV, 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, N.Y. 10112.

Q. Did Steven Hill, of "Law and Order," play Peter Graves' role of IMF leader in "Mission: Impossible"? - T.M. Jr., Leavittown, Pa.

A. Hill was the first leader of the IMF but his character was Dan Briggs. When Hill left the show after one season, 1966-67, Graves, as James Phelps, took over as the IMF boss and did the role until 1973, then returned in the 1988-89 revival of "Mission."

Q. My husband and I have a bet riding on how tall Tony Danza is and how much he weighs. - D.M., Warren, Mich.

A. Danza's ABC biography lists his height as 5 feet, 11 inches. Before he turned actor, Danza was a boxer with a 10-3 record as a middleweight. His fighting weight was 157 pounds but he hasn't listed his weight recently.

Q. Recently, we saw Farley Granger in "Murder, She Wrote." I mentioned that he was a "Dead End Kid" in the movies. A lunch is bet if I'm right and I know I am. - M.C.T., New Haven, Conn.

A. Granger a Dead End Kid? Critics have described the actor's "sensitive good looks that enabled him to project sensitive soulful young heroes." He made his movie debut in "The North Star" in 1943 and his most famous roles were in "Rope" and Hitchcock's "Strangers on a Train." Granger does have a certain resemblance to a genuine Dead Ender, Billy Halop, who died in 1976.

Q. List the movies of Mary Wickes, who plays the housekeeper in "The Father Dowling Mysteries." - H.H., Livonia, Mich.

A. Sorry, but Wickes' 44 features are too many. Not even reference books list them all. She bowed in 1942 in "The Man Who Came to Dinner" as Nurse Preen, a part she created on stage and reprised in the movie, on radio and TV. Her most recent movie: "Postcards from the Edge."

Q. I have a bet going with my dad, who says Sabrina La Beauf hasn't always played Sondra on "The Cosby Show." I say she has. - J.M., Portland, Ore.

A. La Beauf is the one and only Sondra. She made her debut in November 1984, two months after "The Cosby Show" bowed on NBC. It's her first TV role.

Q. What has happened to that wonderful show "Mama's Family"? I hurry home to see the reruns every day. Are there no new shows? What are the actors doing? I know Carol Burnett has her own show. - M.B.F., Anaheim, Calif.

A."Mama" started as sketch on Burnett's long-run CBS variety show. There was a 1982 special, "Eunice," featuring Burnett's character. NBC picked up the show as a half-hour sitcom in 1983 and in ran until 1985. In 1986 it was turned into a first-run syndicated show. That ended production in 1988. Betty White (Ellen) and Rue McClanahan (Aunt Fran) are now Golden Girls. Beverly Archer (Iola) is on "Major Dad"; Dorothy Lyman (Naomi) was in the soap "Generations." Vicki Lawrence did a TV game show, now tours on stage. Others of the cast, Ken Barry, Eric Brown, Harvey Korman and Karin Argoud, do TV guest spots.

Q. Tell me where to write Bronson Pinchot of "Perfect Strangers." - Mrs. T.C., Windsor, Ontario.

A. Write: Lorimar Television, 10202 W. WAshington Blvd., Culver City, Ca. 90232.

Q. Warren Oates played "Stoney Burke's" sidekick. What was his character's name? - C.M., Tucson, Ariz.

A. Oates was Ves Painter in the short-lived, 1962-63, western that was Jack Lord's first starring vehicle. Oates died in 1982, not long after he had finished a role in the miniseries "The Blue and the Gray." He was 53.

Q. I'm really puzzled as to how they go about colorizing movies. Surely they don't color each of the thousands of frames in a film. But how could a computer track the moving characters and scenery? - E.T., Boulder, Colo.

A. It's done with computer technology that grew out of the space program which used computers to enhance photographs of other planets. The computers determine how much color to add by analyzing the tone of black and white in the original film which has been transferred to tape for the process. The technology has improved since colorization was introduced in 1986 but a colorized black-and-white movie still can't match one filmed in color originally. Directors from Woody Allen to Martin Scorsese and film buffs mourn the "multilation" of classics like "Casablanca."

Q. Wasn't "Gone With the Wind" made originally in color? I say that in 1939, all movies, including "GWTW," were in black and white. My friend says it was the first movie in color. - M.D., Atlanta, Ga.

A. For some reason this argument is a perennial. "GWTW" was in color and it was the breakthrough that made filmmakers decide to use it more. (General use was held up until after World War II.) Color movies have been around since 1894 but in those days they were hand tinted. Famous films like the 1903 "The Great Train Robbery" and D.W. Griffith's "The Birth of a Nation" and "Intolerance" had color sequences. Technicolor was invented in the 1920s, modern Technicolor developed in the 1930s. The first true Technicolor film was a 1933 short "La Cucaracha"; the first full-length feature was 1935's "Becky Sharp."

Q. Not long ago I heard Timothy Hutton referred to as the son of "the late Jim Hutton." I was a big fan of Jim Hutton. How and when did he die? - R.W., Rose City, Texas.

A. Jim Hutton died of cancer in 1979. He was 46. Jim and son Tim are not related to model/actress Lauren Hutton or actor Robert Hutton (real name Robert Winne.)

Q. Where can I find the video movie "McLintok," which starred John Wayne? If you can't tell me, give me the address of the studio or Wayne's wife and son. - K.J., Rose Hill, Kan.

A. For years, Wayne fans have been asking about the 1962 feature but it is not on video cassette. Like many other movies, it has been held up by legal problems, usually having to do with performance rights of some contributor.

Q. Give me some info on Timothy Dalton. I saw him on PBS in "Jane Eyre" but I haven't seen or heard anything about him since. - B.W.R., Phenix City, Ala.

A. He hasn't exactly been hiding. In 1987, Dalton, 43, took over as the movies' James Bond in "The Living Daylights." A Welshman, he's been a member of England's Royal Shakespeare Company, starred in the 1970 remake of "Wuthering Heights" and was seen in the CBS miniseries "Mistral's Daughter."

Q. I'm an avid fan of "The Guiding Light" and I'm curious why the previous Alan-Michael Spalding to the current actor left. I preferred the other. - F.M., Farmington, Mich.

A. - Carl Tye Evans, who played Alan-Michael, 1987-90, decided he wanted to do other acting jobs and did not renew his contract with "GL." Rick Hearst, who took over the role, played Scott Banning on "Days of Our Lives." Evans had replaced Christopher Bernau, the original Alan. Bernau died in 1989.

Q. - My co-worker insists Melody Thomas Scott is the original Nikki on "The Young and the Restles." I say at least one other actress did the role. - W.C.W., Milledgeville, Ga.

A - You're right. Erica Hope played Nikki Reed briefly 1978-79. Melody Thomas (now Thomas Scott) took over in 1979.

Q. Is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar getting serious about show-biz?

A. He sure is. The former basketball star hopes to have his first big-screen drama production, "Recruiting Violations," before the cameras by summer. Although he will limit his role in this film to executive producing, he is looking for "a serious role in a serious motion picture. I'd like to do that some time within the next year." Meanwhile, he is adding to his list of guest-star credits on TV series; trying to get off the ground another pet project, a film biography of a pioneer black activist, the Rev. Vernon Johns, and planning other movies that illuminate black history.

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