Here are some recent nominations from readers concerning Wasatch Front residents who make a difference in their communities by doing volunteer work or other such service:

- Jon Merrill:A hairdresser by trade, Merrill donates his free time at Holy Cross Hospital, providing haircuts to patients with AIDS and related diseases.

- Carol and Claire Larsen:

This Salt Lake couple goes the extra mile to keep their neighbor's lawns mowed and their walks and driveways free of snow.

- Marilyn Treshow:

Treshow has spent hundreds of hours helping homeless people find jobs and housing. She has also provided free child care so mothers could go to job interviews.

- Ron Snarr:

Snarr is described as an "all-around good Joe" by one of his Salt Lake neighbors. He provides play equipment for his children and all of their friends.

He also rakes and cleans the yards of many of his older neighbors.

- Naoma Smith:

Smith, an 81-year-old Salt Lake woman, has been serving the needs of many of her neighbors for more than 20 years, despite the fact that she has been a widow for 22 years.

- JoAnn Maxwell:

One neighbor describes Maxwell, who has seven children, as a perfect neighbor and housewife.

- Laurie Manley:

Manley, an unselfish neighbor, checks on some of her less fortunate neighbors every day. She shovels snow, cooks and shops for them. She made the past Christmas very special for one of her neighbors.

- Leatrice Tucker:

Tucker spends time regularly each day writing to family members and friends, reminding them to live a charitable life, despite the devastating stroke she suffered a decade ago.

- Mildred Freed:

Freed spends regular hours each week, making visits to local nursing homes to comfort the sick.