Now that Digger Phelps has ended his Notre Dame basketball coaching career, where does he go from here?

Another college coaching job? Not a chance, says Phelps.Television? Phelps talked with CBS Sports, but no jobs are open, said CBS spokeswoman Susan Kerr.

An NBA coaching job? A definite maybe, if there's an interested team.

"If they paid me as much as those guys, I'd consider it," he says.

A beach in Florida? Not on your life, says Phelps, the son of an undertaker.

"I've seen a lot of people retired at the age of 65, go to Florida and come back in a box two years later," Phelps says. "I refuse to do that."

Nevertheless, a few months short of his 50th birthday, Phelps announced his retirement Monday after 20 seasons. He collected some memorable victories, but never played for a national championship.

"It's time to move into the next decade," he said.

The search for a successor has not officially begun, said associate athletic director Roger Valdeserri, but it's expected that Xavier's Pete Gillen - a former assistant under Phelps - will become a leading candidate.

Seton Hall coach P.J. Carlesimo and Duke's Mike Krzyzewksi already have said they are not interested.