I married into a family that has a bunch of lefties and they all sew. We aren't able to find any left-handed scissors or other items for left-handed people. I know there are places that specialize in handling things for left-handed people. - N.T., Lehi.

The Crafty Lefty in West Jordan, phone number 966-1211, sells a variety of products designed for left-handed people. They range from personal items to kitchen things and everything in between, says the store's owner, Karen Collins."If there's a special need, I either have the item or I know where to get it," she says.

She sells pocket knives, rulers, measuring tapes, cork screws, can openers, mugs, playing cards, baseball mits and scissors. She even has a few books about left-handedness on hand.

Collins started the shop in 1981 because she is left-handed and her three-year-old was left-handed, too. She was looking for things that might help her child in school.

As far as scissors, alone, are concerned, a number of manufacturers including Wiss, Gingher, Marks, Mundial, Fisker and Kai, make left-handed scissors that are available by special order from sewing supply stores. Some stores may keep a pair or two in stock.

Nuttall's Sewing Center in the ZCMI Mall in downtown Salt Lake, for example, had a pair of left-handed pinking shears on hand. If you asked it to order left-handed sewing scissors, they would be here in five working days.

If you want information about stores closer to your home that could order left-handed scissors, call Brewer Sewing Supplies in Chicago. Give it your zip code and it will give you names of stores in that zip code that are its customers. Its toll-free phone number is 1-800-444-3111.

The company could also tell you about other supplies available for left-handed seamstresses.


Don't take your plants with you

If you're planning an interstate move, don't take your plants with you, advises Allied Van Lines. However, if you have a plant that you simply can't part with, it's best to take the plants with you in the car, particularly if you're moving more than 150 miles. Moving vans are not designed to take plants and moving companies generally will not accept responsibility for their well-being.

You can prepare your plant for the move by:

- Providing it with extra sunlight to let it store extra energy that it will need for the extended trip.

- Pruning back overgrown leaves and branches about a month before moving and curtailing feeding to minimize growth.

- Thoroughly watering the plant the day before you move and covering it with a plastic bag to retain moisture and warmth. Place the plant in a sturdy carton to prevent it from tipping over.

Other tips about moving in general:

- Make a note of your shipment registration number - found in the upper right hand corner of your bill of lading - and keep it with you in case you need to call your mover with questions about your shipment.

- Designate one drawer of a dresser for sheets and towels so you won't have to rumage through boxes for these essentials the first night in your new home.

- After you've cleaned and dried the inside of your refrigerator, put a handful of fresh baking soda in a sock and put it in the fridge.