Is it chip, a cracker or a pizza? Pizzarias are Keeblers new chip offering in Pizza Supreme, Cheese Pizza and Zesty Pepperoni flavors. The 7-ounce package retails for $1.19.

Kay Hadley: "Pizzarias have a light, crisp texture, but the flavor is like nacho cheese tortilla chips. Unfortunately, nacho cheese is not one of our favorites."We did not care for Pizzarias, but maybe other consumers will."

Don Russell: "We tried the pepperoni version of Pizzarias and found them near tops. Keebler deserves a `10' for the flavoring and about a `6' for the texture. Keebler concocts the flavoring from an interesting and long list of ingredients. The contents of our bag didn't last very many minutes. Try a bag next time you want a truly tasty snack."

Doris Wilding: "They must have been good! When I got home, the chips were gone and my teenagers said, `Those chips were awesome! Get 'em again!' "

Judy Slack: "We had a split vote on Pizzarias. Most of the family was not impressed. One child and myself thought they were the best thing since cookies."

Edyth Jensen: "We tried the pepperoni flavor. They are crisp and tasty. The pepperoni taste is mild but it is there. Melted cheese increased the flavor and the family enjoyed them even more. These will most likely be on the shopping list in the future."

Linda C. Tingey: "These are wonderful. My kids definitely want more. They hit the teenage taste buds."

Conclusion: If these little Pizzarias hit your particular taste button you're a goner!

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