The Children's Literature Association of Utah was organized in 1980 to "encourage the love of reading on the part of children and to introduce children (and the adult in their lives) to good books by outstanding fiction authors . . ."

Each year a list of nominated titles is presented to children (and for the past two years another list to young adults) and the books are read and voted on during the school year. The "reader's choice" in each category; children's and young adult titles and informational books will be named on May 4, 1991, at the Children's Literature Association of Utah annual meeting, Salt Lake City Library.Recently, the Utah Children's Association of Utah disclosed the nominees for the 1992 Awards. In the three lists accompanying this column are the titles in all three categories.


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Eddie's Blue Winged Dragon, C.S. Adler (Putnam)

Monster Garden, Vivian Alcock (Delacorte)

The Burning Questions of Bingo Brown, Betsy Byars (Viking)

Muggie Maggie, Beverly Cleary (Morrow)

Cricket and the Crackerbox Kid, Alane Ferguson (Bradbury)

The Fastest Friend in the West, Vicky Grove (Putnam)

Martin's Mice, Dick King-Smith (Crown)

The Canada Geese Quilt, Natalie Kinsey-Warnock (Cobblehill)

Stargone John, Ellen McKenzie (Holt)

My Name Is Not Angelica, Scott O'Dell (Houghton)

The Boy Who Owned the School, Gary Paulsen (Orchard)

Megan's Island, Willo Davis Roberts (Macmillan)

Who Invited the Undertaker? Ivy Ruckman (Crowell)

There's a Boy in the Girl's Bathroom, Louis Sachar (Knopf)

Vision Quest, Pamela Service (Macmillan)

Dangerous Ground, Gloria Skurzynski (Bradbury)

Bobby Baseball, Robert Kimmel Smith (Delacorte)

Friendship and the Gold Cadillac, Mildred Taylor (Dial)

High Rise Glorious, Skittle Skat Roarious Sky Pie Angel Food Cake, Nancy Willard (Harcourt)


December Stillness, Mary Downing Hahn (Clarion)

Don't Look Behind You, Lois Duncan (Delacorte)

The El Dorado Adventure, Lloyd Alexander (Dutton)

The Fantastic Freshman, Bill Brittain (Harper)

The Island of Dangerous Dreams, Joan Lowry Nixon (Dell)

A Killing Freeze, Lynn Hall (Morrow)

Mossflower, Brian Jacques (Philomel)

No Way Home, Marilyn Levy (Fawcett)

Pocket Change, Kathryn Jensen (Macmillan)

A Sudden Silence, Eve Bunting (Harcourt)

Tell Us Your Secret, Barbara Cohen (Bantam)

Wise Child, Monica Furlong (Knopf)


Rescue: The Story of How Gentiles Saved Jews in the Holocaust Milton Meltzer (Harper)

Going Green: A Kid's Handbook to Saving the Planet, John Elkinton (Viking)

Balloon Science, Etta Kaner (Addison-Wesley)

An Ant Colony, Heiderose Fischer-Nagel (Lerner)

Radical Robots; Can You Be Replaced, George Harrar (Simon/Schuster

In Your Own Words: A Beginners' Guide to Writing, Sylvia Cassedy (Harper)

The Restless Earth: The Secret Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Continental Drift in Three Dimensional Moving Pictures, Francois Michel (Viking)