Prince Dauntless marries Princess Winifred in the musical "Once Upon a Matress" and they live happily ever after.

Lorraine Hobson, who played Princess Winifred in a Labette Community College production, hopes the same thing will happen to her and leading man Darren Helms.Helms, who had wanted to propose for several months, said he decided to do it during the play in a moment of "wild, dramatic, romantic madness."

During a dress rehearsal, Helms began an unexpected monologue on marriage and love. Helms knelt before Hobson and asked her to marry him. Kent Land, who plays a jester, appeared with an engagement ring and bracelet on a satin pillow.

"She realized what was happening," director Kenton Kersting said. "The entire company around them realized what was happening, and they all cheered and clapped."

Hobson didn't immediately respond, "then she finally managed a `sure,' " Kersting said.

Helms, a munitions demolition operator at an ammunition plant, and Hobson, an accounting clerk, have been dating for more than a year.

"Hopefully," Hobson said, "we'll live happily ever after."