A former Ogden police detective Monday pleaded guilty to a second-degree felony charge of sexual abuse of a child in connection with the molestation of a 4-year-old girl on Oct. 21.

Kent Ross, 41, Ogden, entered his plea before 2nd District Judge Rodney Page. A May 20 sentencing date was set.Ross entered a guilty plea following plea negotiations with the state. Assistant Utah Attorney General Barbara Bearnson told Page that Ross agreed to plead guilty to the lesser charge in exchange for the state not filing a first-degree felony sodomy charge against him.

Bearnson also said that Ross has been cooperative and that the defendant reported the crime the day after the incident occurred.

Ross was charged April 3 before 2nd Circuit Judge Phillip Browning in Ogden. The detective, who was in charge of the bad checks division, was suspended without pay the following Tuesday. His case was then transferred to Morgan following a change of venue.

The case was also transferred to the Utah attorney general's office after Weber County Attorney Reed Richards bowed out.

Ross remains free on his own recognizance. He is facing a maximum prison sentence of from one to 15 years in prison.