I ordered two pairs of thermal underwear from Haband Co. in Paterson, N.J., at a special price offered in one of the company's brochures. The price of $16.95 for four pieces represented a $3 savings.

I sent the company a check for $23.40 that included a surcharge for big men's sizes and postage and handling.A week later I received a letter from the company saying that I owed $8 more.

I wrote back, explained the details of my order and asked that if the order could not be filled at the advertised price to please return my money.

I received another letter requesting the additional $8. I tried to call the company but it doesn't have an 800 number. Why not? Why should I have to pay more money to phone the company when it was the one that made the mistake?

I received a box containing two thermal pants showing a charge for $16.92.

I am angry! I finally called the customer service department and complained. I had placed the order nearly two months back and badly needed the complete sets of thermals.

As a result of this gross mishandling of this order I will NEVER AGAIN IN MY LIFETIME try to do business with this company.

I expect reimbursement for the return postage of the two pairs of thermal pants and for my long-distance telephone call. - R.M.A., Bountiful.

The company tried unsuccessfully to reach you by phone. It has therefore sent you a letter asking for additional information to clear up this matter.

Let us know what happens.


Mail-order merchandise

On Oct. 11, I sent a check for $22.48 to Starcrest of California for one sports bra and one clip-on ceiling shade.

That check was cashed Oct. 17. On Nov. 27 I wrote to the company requesting the merchandise and making note of the fact that I had underpaid the company by $1. I sent it a check for $1.

It, too, was cashed.

I still do not have the merchandise. Please see what you can do. - R.C., Lake Point.

The company apologizes for the delay but it needs more information before it cane solve the problem.

It has two styles of clip-on lamps and your letter to us doesn't say what size sports bra you ordered. It has therefore sent you a refund for $23.48.