Hill Air Force Base is facing another round of job reductions.

Base officials say another 1,514 positions - 1,320 civilian and 194 military - will be eliminated by the end of the 1993 fiscal year. The cutback is blamed on limitations in the Defense Department budget and is in addition to the 345 Hill civilian positions that are being eliminated due to a cutback announced Feb. 4. Also, approximately 494 Hill workers are to be separated from the base May 17 due to a decreased workload in industrially funded areas.The latest cuts are in positions at Hill and the Ogden Air Logistics Center, and base officials stress that the positions do not necessarily equate to numbers of people laid off. According to Air Force Logistics Command headquarters at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio, the reductions will be achieved through normal attrition.

Sen. Jake Garn, R-Utah, said that due to cuts in the defense budget over the past five years, reductions at military installations are to be expected. "However, I want to ensure that these cutbacks are justified and fair," Garn said.