Police have ruled as accidental the Aug. 24 shooting of a West Valley man who was killed when his handgun slid off a couch and misfired when it hit the floor.

Clyde Lloyd Studham, 40, 4983 W. 4660 South, died in Pioneer Valley Hospital 25 minutes after the 4:20 p.m. shooting at his home.The handgun was a Ruger Blackhawk that did not have a safety device, and several gun magazines say the single-action weapon has a tendency to malfunction and discharge accidentally, said Ron Edwards, West Valley City Police detective.

Edwards said the case was closed Wednesday after negative results were received from gunpowder residue tests.Studham had placed the gun on the couch and the weapon fell to the floor and misfired when he stood up, Sgt. Kelly Davis said. The bullet struck Studham in the forehead.