Police said they went to the Kennedy estate one day after the alleged rape of a young woman there and were falsely told Sen. Ted Kennedy, his son Patrick and nephew William Kennedy Smith had left town.

Police Chief Joe Terlizzese gave the account Monday in the wake of allegations police are giving the Kennedys special treatment in investigating the alleged rape March 30 of a 29-year-old woman who had met the three at a bar.Also Monday, the supermarket tabloid the Globe published the alleged victim's name and photograph despite a Florida law forbidding disclosure of rape victims' identities.

"Everyone in the world knows the victim's identity; her name and photo had been published in newspapers and magazines worldwide," said Wendy Henry, editor in chief of the Boca Raton-based weekly.

The woman has accused Smith of raping her. No charges have been filed.

On Easter Sunday, the day after the alleged rape, detectives went twice to the estate to talk to the senator and other family members but were told the Kennedys had left town, the police chief said in Tuesday's The Palm Beach Post.

Later police learned that Smith didn't leave for Washington until that night and that the senator and his son left the next morning, Terlizzese said.