The commander of a United Nations peacekeeping force that is being deployed along the Iraq-Kuwait border flew to Baghdad Monday for two days of talks with Iraqi officials.

U.N. officials said Austrian Maj. Gen. Gunther Greindl was expected back at his headquarters, a hotel on the outskirts of Kuwait City, Tuesday night.Greindl has already discussed his mission with the Kuwaiti government, and the U.N. officials said he was expected to inspect a demilitarized zone that his 1,440-man force will patrol after his return from Baghdad.

They said U.N. observers in Greindl's advance party were making an initial reconnaissance of the border area Monday. More were expected to arrive soon, but it was not known when the 31-nation force would be in place.

U.N. officials in New York said earlier it could take two weeks to deploy the 300 observers and 680 infantry in the force, supported by air and mine-clearing units.