A former male nurse in the Salt Lake County Jail has filed a $500,000 claim alleging sexual discrimination and harassment on the part of his female supervisor and co-workers.

Jan Roberts contends he was harassed throughout his 11 months of employment until he was fired Feb. 19 as a result of sexual discrimination."Mr. Roberts has advised me sex discrimination, and particularly sex harassment, is rampant in the Salt Lake County Jail," attorney Lincoln Hobbs said.

He said the county knew or should have known of the problem.

The Salt Lake County Commission referred the claim to the county attorney's office without comment. Sheriff Aaron Kennard, who is responsible for the jail, declined comment on the claim pending legal review.

Roberts contends his supervisor made comments that displayed a belief in an "inherent inferiority of male nurses."

"Mr. Roberts was also, as a male nurse in a female-dominated profession, continually victimized by sexual harassment in the form of verbal comments made to him, posters prominently displayed throughout the working area and sexual innuendos directed against men," the claim says.