Whoever let three cows and two calves into Snake River High School overnight may have been joking, but school officials aren't laughing about a mess bad enough to close school Friday.

"It seems like a joke," said district superintendent Elzo White. "There is nothing funny about this at all."White said once authorities find those responsible, student or not, they will be prosecuted.

The Bingham County sheriff's department is trying to find out how somebody got cattle into the school. White said it was probably through an unsecured window or door.

White said authorities think cattle were led into the school between 11 p.m. Thursday and 4 a.m. Friday. Those involved cut a chain link fence to a nearby farmer's corral and somehow got the cows into the school, he said.

The cows were locked inside and left a manure mess in three carpeted hallways. Gates kept the cows from getting into the rest of the school.

To top it off, White said those involved randomly opened unsecured lockers and tossed papers and textbooks into the halls for the cows to trample.